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Why Choose Xplornet?

Get the speed and data you need! Choose from lots of available packages.
Stream music and share photos.
Watch movies and shows online.
Connect all PC's, laptops, gaming consoles and tablets.
No equipment purchase and basic installation FREE!
Download speed up to 25.0Mbps.
Monthly usage up to 500GB.

Satellite Internet - Good for anywhere!
LTE Internet - Best for the Town of Edson and the Bear Lake area!

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Platforms and packages available at your exact location may vary based on signal quality and network conditions. Additional data options may not be available in all regions. To confirm the platforms and plans available at your exact location, please contact Xplornet or your local dealer. If customer installation requirements go beyond the scope of a basic installation, additional fees may apply.

Why Choose CCI Wireless?

Every service package offers unlimited data use!
Superior Alberta-based customer service.
Committed to network updates with the latest technology.
Licensed frequencies allow for faster, more reliable service.
Alberta owned and operated.
Download speed up to 10 Mbps.
Monthly usage unlimited with all packages.

WiMax Internet - Good for anywhere!
LTE Internet - Best for Wolf Creek area!


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A deposit is required prior to installation: 2-year contract, $200 minimum deposit amount or month to month (no contract), $400 minimum deposit amount. Your deposit will be put towards your first month's billing, if services are installed. Installation and activation costs apply, varying with service plans.